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Why should "YOU" become a 
Real Estate Agent?
Welcome to your very own
"Pre" Real Estate Course
Should you become an agent?

Do you have what it takes?

Have you thought about becoming an agent for years?

Does everyone would make an incredible agent.
This course was created to help people make a decision if they should become a real estate agent or not. It's as simple as that!
Before you go and spends $Thousands$ on your local city Real Estate Exam, Personal Branding and whatever other start up expenses...wouldn't it be nice to figure out if becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent is even within your grasp?
Here's a quick story...
Christine and Mike both decided they wanted to become Professional Real Estate Agents and spent over $10,000 getting licensed, branded and marketed. After 6 challenging months of trying to get established and not really understanding the pressures of the real estate game, they decided to leave the industry.
Moral of the story is...DON'T be like Christine and Mike. Take this course to understand what will be put in front of you on a daily basis. 
Look at this as your chance, an opportunity to see if you can hack it. If you can honestly say after this course you still want to be a pro real estate agent…then go for it! 
We provide 50+ videos...below are a few of our Video Topics
How do you break down the commission?

How do you find new clients when you don't have any?

How to make money before you become a Real Estate Agent?

Prospecting vs. Marketing vs. Networking!

How well do you handle pressure?

The 4 fears Real Estate Agents have and need to get over!

It's not who you work for but who works for you that matters!

also...Multiple Real Estate Agent Interviews and Objection Handling Videos
  • ​Seller and Buyer Presentations: Templates you can customize as your own!  Free branding! These simple and easy to use templates have been used to sell millions of dollars of real estate.
  • Proven Seller and Buyer Questionnaires: These questionnaires help you to obtain NEW business(when you decide to become an agent)!
  • Client Moving Checklist: A much appreciated list to give your future clients!
Rhonda W.
This course gives you the basic information you need to decide if you would like to pursue a real estate career.

Gonzalo A.
This course was the exact course I needed to figure out if being an agent was truly for me.  This course hit everything I needed...time to become an Agent!

Andre B.
I was really soul searching if I should become a Professional real estate agent or not and this course helped me decide that.  I think I just saved a lot of money.

Jessica L.
The candidness and bluntness of different  topics from the Agent, gave me great insight into the industry.

Tracy N.
I've always wanted to become an agent and this course ultimately helped me make that decision.

Who Am I?
Owner and Founder Steve Croner  is an Award winning Real Estate Agent (17 years), Online Marketer, Loving Husband, Proud Father, Business and Sports Coach and the creator of a multi-digital training business that includes and
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